Faith by A.S. Motiwala is Transforming From Traditional Ways to Digital For Its Gen-Z Audience

Taking innovation and precision to meet the hyper-expressive yet elegant Gen Z audience across the country and beyond borders The fourth generation of the prestigious Motiwala clan of Mumbai, Mr. Ashraf Motiwala launched Faith by A.S. Motiwala in 2018. As the new spearhead of this prestigious Motiwala family, Ashraf comprehends the contemporary jewellery trends and moulds his fine jewellery expertise into cooler pieces of investment for gen z. As Ashraf breathes new life into this century old legacy of the Basra pearls family, Faith is not just a modern jewellery house with an online presence. The brand is creatively stimulated by the word ‘faith’. It prides itself in designing tiny trinkets and everyday baubles for the quintessential woman of today – an ode to women making waves in their respective fields of work. As the ‘faith’ in her allows her to be anybody, achieve anything and have the entire world at her command, Faith’s collection of fine jewels carry deeply personal messages and motifs as stunning jewellery designs. Whether it is a small gift for a special someone, or you’re presenting yourself with some sparkly love, Faith has moved online to be able to deliver to every woman looking towards her treasure trove for everyday inspiration.