Fine Jewellery to Look - Out For Your Everyday Look by Faith

Even in grim times, have faith and put on a little sparkle to raise your spirits everyday.

How to feel excited about your everyday fine jewellery? Add a burst of energy and colour. Faith makes fine jewellery look and feel exhilarating. When we think of energy and life, the first colour that we’re reminded of is green. With emeralds and greens as part of your daily trinkets, its effortless to keep the energy flow. 

As the royalty adored colour for centuries – take cues from Maharani Gayatri Devi and present day fashion darling Kate Middleton, emeralds have proven to be royalty’s best friends. A dazzling green addition to your treasure trove would be the Bi Floral Ring by Faith. One can move towards blue aquamarines too with the Deep Dive Pendant as an elegant everyday jewel. 

When you’re talking everyday baubles, don’t forget wristlets as arm candy. Faith by A.S. Motiwala has an extensive range of bracelets to choose from. The colourful Spring of Hearts Bracelet is set in pink sapphire and would make for a delicate and girly knickknack. Something a bit more visible and unique would be the Purple Heart Bracelet. Set in an exceptional combination of gold and rubber, this one features a heart at the centre of the bracelet in round diamonds and would complement every outfit.