World’s youngest woman commander, Captain Anny Divya to now represent Faith by AS Motiwala

An icon to the youth and a covid warrior with many Vande Bharat Mission flights to her credit, Captain Anny Divya and Faith find common ground in diamond bijoux In a world of Zoom and Google Meets, the young consumer wants to invest in fine jewellery that can be worn as everyday essentials. They’re not interested in buying expensive fine baubles only to lock them away in a safe. So when we think of dainty trinkets in diamonds and other gemstones, there’s only one brand that stands the test of loyalty and a century old trusted legacy – Faith by AS Motiwala. Representing the prestigious family legacy of AS Motiwala is Faith that stems from the inspiration that young women are to the founder, Mr. Ashraf Motiwala. As he calls them ‘Women of Faith’, women who dare you to dream and achieve the impossible, Faith picks Captain Anny Divya as its brand ambassador, the world’s youngest woman commander. As the youngest jet flier across categories, Captain Anny Divya is one of the six daredevil women of the world to be featured by Bloomberg. Symbolic of her audacious life choices and charming personality is the brand Faith by AS Motiwala. “Faith is the very reason for my success. It’s what kept me going from strength to strength until I achieved my dreams”. With the mission to re-imagine the design process according to the needs of the mode