Trading in basra pearls

A. L. Motiwala, a first-generation entrepreneur, rose to prominence as one of the world's most sought-after Basra Pearl and Diamond dealers in 1905, earning the family name "Motiwala." He became well-known for his rare works of art, which drew the attention of both the British and the Rajas and Maharajas of India's Princely States.


Launch of A.K Motiwala Jewels

In 1950, Mr. Abdul Kader Motiwala started his retail business from his house, and in 1969, his sons joined him. They restored the brand as a team. Mr Abdul's tireless efforts, passion, business transparency, and family-like ties with his clientele all contributed to the brand's increased worth. He was bestowed the Indira Gandhi Excellence Award on 21st December, 1994 for his contributions to the society and its well being.


The Beginning of A.S Motiwala

Mr. A S Motiwala, along with his father, opened the first retail store in Bandra, a well-known Mumbai suburb in 1983. This earned the Motiwalas an impeccable reputation in India and around the world for their hard work and dedication. He has over 40 years of experience and is a highly respected figure in the industry as the 3rd generation member of this distinguished family. Abdus Samad Motiwala, was able to garner celebrities; social figures, members of the film industry and more. He propelled the Motiwalas into international market trading, earning honours and accolades for exports from Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, 4 years in a row - 1978 to1981.


Handover to the 4th generation

As the demand for fine jewellery increased both in India and abroad, bridging the gap in the existing industrial scenario through innovation became the need of the hour. Mr. Ashraf Motiwala went to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to understand the nuances of the trade. Right from mining, cutting, polishing to assorting (grading) the diamonds and precious stones, he worked towards translating the heritage value to high finished bespoke pieces. As the 4th generation spear-header of the family, he took the business to new heights and met international fine jewellery standards while maintaining the family's business values and ethics.


AS Motiwala flagship store

The western world was captivated by the jewelry's unique designs as well as the brand's core qualitative value and ethics. Mr. Ashraf Motiwala, after having worked as an apprentice under his father and grandfather for over 15 years, launched a new flagship store with his father’s guidance - a brand with a modern vision based on the legacy lessons in response to the growing demand. The brand established itself as a market leader and was deemed "India's Coolest Store" in 2018. A S Motiwala won numerous national and international awards for its trend-setting innovations,exceptional quality, contemporary designs with inherent value and immaculate finish



Faith is Ashraf's brainchild, a long-awaited collection for the quintessential woman and everything she represents. It's an ode to the strong women in his life because faith allows her to be anybody, achieve anything, and have the entire world at her fingers.

Faith has the finesse and flair of a modern bespoke piece, designed to capture the brilliance of the contemporary woman which embodies A S Motiwala's trustworthiness, value, and craftsmanship. From noon to moon and boardroom to brunch, each piece simply weaves itself into your day and story. The brand has made significant advances into exports and expanded its retail footprint in over 10 TAJ locations pan India.


Faith goes online

The pandemic was an unprecedented event which necessitated a shift in how we served our patrons. In a bid to reach out to our patrons globally, Faith launched its e-commerce platform, an accomplishment unlike any other in the Motiwala lineage. This allows our patrons to celebrate even the smallest of moments with the best we have to offer, all bought from the comforts of their homes.


Launched India’s First Affirmation Accessories- Faith In You

India got its first ever Affirmation Accessories- Faith In You!
Faith In You, has been launched by legacy jeweller- Ashraf Motiwala and Holistic Coach - Luke Coutinho.
The launch was a private event that had Mumbai's glamorous come together to celebrate the power of positive thinking through these timeless pieces of fine jewellery. Each piece is instilled with a strong and powerful message.
Empowering words have been selected to guide you, encourage you, heal you and comfort you on your quest towards holistic living.