"Direct your faith towards your vision and mould your dreams into action."

The art of perfection in imperfection

The Ensō, defines the thought behind our brand. The circle signifies unity and completion. Perfect balance. But what makes the Ensō more intriguing is that it is not perfect at all. It is rough, messy, and at times not even complete. We are all perfectly imperfect, the secret is to
Treasure Yourself

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Treasure Yourself

introducing affirmation accessories

A curated collection of priceless pieces each are instilled with a strong and powerful message. Empowering words have been selected to guide you, encourage you, heal you and comfort you on your quest towards holistic living. Each word has been chosen wisely after a great deal of research, these tiny words such as Love, Hope, Believe, Abundance, Gratitude, Peace and Faith form an integral chapter in the betterment of your life.

positive affirmations


Each bespoke piece features a pure golden encrusted Ensō has been created using precious gold and natural diamonds highlighted by enamel and colourful rubber straps. In yet another pioneering initiative, the rubber straps imported from the international companies from which the luxury Swiss watch brands source their straps. This ensured that these accessories can be worn daily while still looking their best. The colours are vibrant and elegant to attract patrons of all ages including both the trendy millennials and the discerning jewellery aficionados.

Miracles can happen if you learn to Treasure Yourself - This simple thought brought two friends and experts in their respective fields together for the creation of a unique movement, set out to direct your faith towards your vision and to mould your dreams into action. We knew together we wanted to impact people’s lives and make a positive difference. This led to the creation of timeless piece of luxury diamond jewellery, which lasts a lifetime and encouraging patrons to learn to treasure themselves.

Ashraf Motiwala

When I started AS Motiwala, it was created with the dream of impacting lives. Not just ours but our people and our patrons too.
Being a fourth generation jeweller of a legacy brand we too wanted to do something to craft our own mark. All we needed was - Faith

With each priceless item of jewellery we weave a story one that we wish passes down generations.
If our pieces have the power to tell a timeless tale then the message on it should be equally precious.

Cherished moments crafted for you, through this special curation of legacy pieces of art.

Luke Coutinho

When I set out to build my business in nutrition, it was created with the dream of impacting lives. To leave a positive difference for my patrons. Through my journey I coach people by teaching the, holistic way of living. One thing I’ve learnt is that - miracles happen, there is always scope to change our lifestyles and live well. All we need is – Hope

I am neither a God nor a Guru. I am not a healer or a doctor or a cult leader. But through the practice of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching, I help you to regain your Health which is life’s greatest wealth.

If the path to health and happiness, lies in a lifestyle change, then the starting point is an entire ecosystem and a hand to hold along the way.

Discover cherished moments, with this special collection strung together for YOU.


Faith In You