For the quality obsessed, the four pillars of cut, colour, clarity, and carat are sacrosanct.


A precise cut determines the dispersion of light producing the scintillating shine which greatly influences the overall appearance of the stone. We at A S Motiwala, hand-select each diamond, meticulously assessing the exact alignment of facets and angles to generate top cut grades that meet your expectations. Our commitment to crafting the most expertly proportioned diamonds is what sets us apart.


Diamond color refers to the natural tint inherent in diamonds which have a significant impact on the quality and price. The universal GIA colour scale ranges from D to Z, with D denoting a chemically pure diamond with no hue and consequently, a higher value. A S Motiwala is known for offering diamonds of the highest standard, ranging from D to I. We believe a white diamond’s color grade to be a declaration of its rarity rather than a discernment of its quality or suitability. 


Clarity refers to a diamond’s natural inclusions formed during the organic process of diamond formation. Clarity grades run from Very Very Slightly Included (VVS) to Very Slightly Included (VS), signalling a certain number of inclusions and blemishes which are subtle to the unaided eye. At A S Motiwala, we are adept at sourcing natural diamonds ranging from FL to SI.  


A diamond ‘carat’ indicates how much a diamond weighs, and not necessarily the size. Larger diamonds are more rare and desirable and thus, their price rises with their carat weight. It’s crucial to remember that the value of a diamond is influenced by all 4 Cs, not just carat weight. As a rule of thumb, one carat is the equivalent of 0.2g.