To keep your diamond jewellery sparkling, it’s important to extend the same level of diamond care that past experts and master craftsmen have given. As the love your diamond symbolises is unique and must be nurtured, your diamond's signature sparkle must be cared for.

The Daily Diamond Care

Your diamond jewellery may become exposed to harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions. Whether it is wearing perfume, applying sunscreen, washing up, or simply using hairspray, these chemicals can erode or dull metal settings. It is sometimes best to remove your jewellery, or wear protective clothing. 

Handling your diamond ring

Specifically when removing rings, you should always ensure to pick it up by its band, not by the stone or setting. This will help to keep the diamond secure in its setting as well as preventing natural oils from your hands building up around the stone.

Periodic Checkup

It's recommended that you take your diamond to an authorised jeweller for professional cleaning once every six months. The jeweller can also inspect your ring for any weakness or trauma, making sure that the diamond remains safe in its setting.

Diamonds are precious possessions and need proper care to last long and keep looking good. Preventing damage, lessening the daily wear on them and cleaning them regularly can keep your stones bright and sparkling for long. It is also important to let a jeweler inspect your diamonds and do any repair work necessary from time to time.