General Physician, Bandra

Dr Priya Gokhale

Dr. Priya Gokhale has been practising general medicine in Mumbai for the past 28 years. Her tenacity and determination enabled her turn her childhood dream into a reality. Even after being diagnosed with Covid-19, she was diligent in the treatment of her patients.

What kept us going - faith

Right at the beginning of it, all you got to have is faith.

living the dream

"I have been practicing since 28 years and I have been loving every bit of of my practice"

No plan b

I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was in school. My dreams did not have a plan B

Here comes the horror

People were so anxious, they were afraid and did not know what to do. People were losing family members and people were getting depressed at home.

When Covid got the best of us

My husband is a doctor too, he unfortunately got COVID. The disease having a ripple effect, made everyone at home, including my house help, test positive for COVID-19. My mentor was my mother-in-law, she was like my mother. She unfortunately succumbed to the disease.

When our world stood still

"I wasn't really recovering and it was all just going on. I took a whole month to recover."

A ray of hope

Telecommunication is what helped people when they did not know what to do or where to go for consultation. Even while lying on my bed, I was doing online consultations with patients that needed help as it was not only COVID, it was other diseases too.

Going back to work

On World Doctor's Day something kindled within me. I decided not to keep laying on the bed. I just picked up the phone, called up my staff and said that I am coming back to the clinic.

Faith in humanity

Faith beyond borders, where I treated patients who I never saw or treated before. I saw faith in the choice I made when my patient said that they are doing better. I witnessed faith in humanity when a patient donated a bag full of oximeters for free.