Founder, Aapplemint Food Blog

Kajal Tejsinghani

Kajal is the founder of Aapplemint, a food blog that features well-balanced and delectable dishes. Food blogging was an up and coming trend globally which motivated Kajal to take inspiration from other bloggers and up her game. Her family, who have always been her strongest supporters, encouraged her to take a leap of faith and become one of India's most inspiring food bloggers.

Taking off

It started off when I saw food blogs, food recipes & got excited about that. I thought to myself that I should have a blog of my own!

Turning Dreams into Passion

I started blogging for myself. I wanted to see how it felt and to engage my time constructively.

The Real Inspiration

Blogs were fairly new back then, my husband, sister and undying love for the food were my pillars of strength.

What is Faith to me?

"If you don't have faith, you have nothing to look forward to."